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The benefits of using and trusting a  Family Funeral Director


Choosing an independent funeral director like Anthony Barton Independent Family Funeral Services offers several benefits. Firstly, you receive personalized support and care tailored to your needs and preferences. Instead of being told what you need, you're presented with various options to create a farewell that honours your loved one in the best possible way.

Secondly, independent funeral directors prioritize serving their community over maximizing profits for shareholders. This commitment to service and care often translates into a more compassionate and supportive experience for grieving families.

Furthermore, independent funeral directors like Anthony Barton Funeral Services have deep community ties and actively engage with local groups and organizations. By supporting initiatives such as Mossley Football Club, Mossley Town Team, Mossley Browser, Mossley Community Centre, Reubens Retreat and The Anthony Seddon Fund, we demonstrate their dedication to enriching the local community.

Whether you choose to reach out to them via phone, visit their branch in Mossley, or connect through social media platforms, you can expect a compassionate and understanding approach as they assist you during this difficult time.



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