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Over the years we have seen the cost of funerals continue to rise, far more than the cost of living. As independent funeral directors, we have worked hard to ensure that our funeral prices remain fair.


We are confident in our charges, and we are being transparent about them too. We also believe that we charge for a professional service. We do not hide our fees or advertised fees that are not correct or complete.


Following a nationwide investigation by the Competition & Markets Authority (CMA), several issues across the funeral industry were highlighted, culminating in the Funerals Market Investigation Order 2021.


The Order has made it a legal requirement for ALL funeral directors to publish a “Standardised Price List” as well as an Additional Options Price List both on their websites and in prominent positions within their premises by 16th September 2021. This has been ordered to make it easier for the bereaved to compare “like for like” funeral options from funeral directors – both small and large companies – and assist them in their choices.


At Anthony Barton Funeral Services. We make sure everything is transparent for our clients. We give you a detailed breakdown of the costs involved and explain the various funeral options we provide. You will never see us upselling our products, we are here to guide families and not to tell you what you must have.


In addition to the cost of your chosen funeral director's charges, there will be other fees called “Disbursements”. These are third-party charges, such as Crematorium / Burial Fees, Minister / Celebrant Fees, and doctor fees.  The exception to this is our Direct Cremation and Burial Services which includes essential third-party charges and these we have paid prior to the funeral service.

Our Standardised Price List 

Anthony Barton Independent Family Funeral Services CMA
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