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Limousine (each)


Floral Hearse


Alternative Hearses available on request, for example, Only Fools & Hearses Motorcycle Hearse

Price on Request

Arranging and attending the Placement of Cremated Remains


Arranging and attendance for a Service on a separate day to the Committal.


Horse-Drawn Carriage from


Pallbearers (first 2 free with funeral) additional - each


Order of Service Booklets (each)


Reparations over 15 miles from our Mossley Branch (per mile)


Removal attendance outside office hours


Coffins and Caskets – from


Coffin at home or Church (during normal office hours)


Coffin home or church (outside normal office hours)


Newspaper Notices / Acknowledgements from


Online Tribute page including donation links

Free of Charge

Home / Church Reception


Scatter Tubes  Adult  - Large


Scatter Tubes  Adult  - Medium


Ashes Keepsakes - from


Ashes Caskets - from


Collection and Storage of cremated remains

Free of Charge

Local delivery of cremated remains

Free of Charge

Urns - from


Memory Pins (Minimum 10) - from


Personalised In Stationary Choose from Seeds / Bookmarks/ Memory Cards

Price on Request

Organist / Piper / Singer / Band - from


Dove Release – for 5 Doves


To arrange interment of ashes and attend the interment on the day (Casket not included)


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