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Funeral Wishes

Completely Free Service
Complete your Funeral Wishes with Anthony Barton Funeral Services.

What are funeral Wishes?

Funeral wishes are the decisions made by yourself regarding your own funeral arrangements. They include the final arrangements that need to be made for the funeral service.

Have you given any thought to your funeral arrangements?

Anthony Barton Funeral Services is here to help you complete your funeral wishes, and the best part is, it won't cost you anything!  With our completely free service, you can rest assured knowing that your final arrangements will be exactly as you want them to be. Don't leave your loved ones guessing.


Please don't let your fear of dying, stop you from making necessary arrangements. Some people believe that talking about dying will make it more likely to happen, but this is not true.

Many people I have met through my time as a Funeral Director deeply regret not discussing their end-of-life wishes with their loved ones. Don't let this happen to you, take the time to write down your wishes with me, and communicate them to your family and friends. It will bring you peace of mind and make things easier for your loved ones in the future.

With this free service, there's no need to use Anthony Barton Funeral Service for your Funeral, and there are no contracts to sign. All that's required is the completion of a simple booklet with me.

To make an appointment, simply call 01457 512749 and I will guide you through everything you need to plan your funeral service for free.

Make the most of this chance to get excellent support without any strings attached.

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